“It is better to aim at perfection and miss it,
Than it is to aim at imperfection and hit it.”

Thomas Watson Jr.

Suhan Mihcioglu – A Personal History




I set up Trusted Energy Services after spending sometime in a tarnished sector (clients’, suppliers’ and brokers’ description!) and getting very frustrated with practices I observed and experienced, namely; business, management and people practices. Decided to rub some of my IBM and Inscape Learning & Development culture on the sector as a whole in our Region and for what its worth, for some of the suppliers and many of the brokers and consultants to benefit from.

By being open, truly transparent, being absolutely honest and ethical and, educating and informing the customers along the way while providing proper account management services and keeping our promises, we  believe that we can make a worthwhile contribution to the sector  and, certainly, to the bottom line of the businesses we work and will work with.

More about Suhan M.

Suhan Mıhcıoğlu is a graduate of the reputable T.E.D Ankara College private school, a graduate of Northumbria University Business School and Staffordshire University – he studied Business and Marketing, respectively.

Besides Trusted Energy, he is the founder of both Global Links Consulting and Chapsworld Ltd.

Suhan has over thirty-five years of experience in management, sales, customer service, and people development. After twelve years working for IBM UK’s sales division as Senior Salesman, Market Development Manager and Agent Manager, he set up his own people development business in 1997.

He developed and delivered training programs on personal and professional success strategies, leadership, people management, team building and development, presentation skills, productivity, sales performance and customer service. His clients included the largest and most prominent organisations in their respective sectors.

His I Can in the North East initiative in 2009 involved setting up of a Social Enterprise to roll out his work to help individuals, charities, schools, colleges, local authorities, companies, and other public and private sector organisations. The objective was to help them think outside the box and work with them to utilise the most effective approach to succeed in life and to address the cause of the underlying problems and to be able to facilitate a dramatic and significant positive change in our culture and the way we live our day-to-day lives.

He is a businessman, consultant and facilitator who has a wealth of knowledge, ranging from local authority to large conglomerates working with finance, sales, retail, marketing, manufacturing and service functions.

He is a volunteer Business Mentor for the Prince’s Trust within the UK.

Suhan has been happily married to Janet since 1984 and they have three fantastic children.

How we can help you…

Business Energy

Energy is a commodity and much like the stock market, the price of electricity and gas is unpredictable and can fluctuate considerably, as we have seen in recent years.

Business Water

The water industry in England has been deregulated since 1 April 2017, giving the businesses the chance to tap into savings and other opportunities.

Supply Installation

We understand different or changing needs of organisations and how different businesses, suppliers, contractors and developers require different areas of help and advice.

Related Services

We know organisations have many different needs along with utilities and understand that you may have additional requirements to be fulfilled by Trusted Partners.