Business Energy

Energy is a commodity and much like the stock market, the price of electricity and gas is unpredictable and can fluctuate considerably, as we have seen in recent years.

As theNorth Sea gas production is on the decline, supplies are now being imported from various different European countries and it is estimated that by 2020, more than 75% of gas consumed in the UK will be imported. There have been dramatic price rises over the past two years and the market remains highly volatile due to Brexit, Middle East and North Korean issues.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance for you to be able to trust the information and advice being offered by your energy consultant. We work closely with you to evaluate your needs and requirements and help you to lower overall tariff rates, give advice on more structured longer term contracts to sustain your budget and advise you on moving to renewable sources. Of course, we do not have a crystal ball but we do have the benefit of our market intelligence which allows us to offer the right advice and benchmarking tailored to suit your needs.

We offer many other energy management and support services including risk management, green credential enhancement, water auditing and sustainability management so as to help you make informed decisions for your business’ future.

Dispute Resolution

Have you ever spent time on pursuing an electricity, gas or water supplier dispute and  wondered why you had to or found the whole process frustrating?

Trusted Energy has many years of experience dealing with these situations and we are in a position to offer our expertise and advice which will benefit your organisation. You can hand the case over to our experts and you can get back to focusing on your own business. 

In most cases, we resolve the issues by effective communication and common sense without the need for going to court. However and if necessary, we will add weight to any evidence that is needed in the case to support you and your legal team, improving your chances of a positive outcome. 

What’s more, we are willing to take on complex billing disputes on a no win-no fee basis. We handle all the communication and problems associated with the case which, otherwise, you would have to deal with and we are only paid if your case is successful.

It is very simple – if we don’t win the case for you, then we charge no fees!

Bill Validation

Energy companies can make mistakes on customers’ bills – for example, overcharging or charging for more usage than actual because of estimated bills. Obviously, if mistakes are proven, they will credit your account. However, they won’t come knocking on your door or pester you to pay off what you don’t owe.

This is where our Bill Validation service comes useful. When you choose Trusted Enerfy to handle your energy procurement, then the above service is included within the package.

How we can help you…

Business Water

The water industry in England has been deregulated since 1 April 2017, giving the businesses the chance to tap into savings and other opportunities.

Supply Installation

We understand different or changing needs of organisations and how different businesses, suppliers, contractors and developers require different areas of help and advice.e.

Related Services

We know organisations have many different needs along with utilities and understand that you may have additional requirements to be fulfilled by Trusted Partners.