About Us

Trusted Energy is an independent, highly professional and ethical commercial energy consultancy, specialising in the renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas sector.

We facilitate energy purchasing and renewable energy supply contracts for the commercial market in a truly independent fashion – in that we source from all of the main energy suppliers – and in a transparent and very professional manner. We work closely with you to evaluate your needs and requirements; helping lower overall tariff rates, giving advice on more structured longer term contracts, and moving to renewable sources.

Call us today, or send us an email for either a FREE ANALYSIS of your current gas and electricity contract or to discuss how your business can benefit from a renewable energy solution. Call us now on  08443 35 28 35, or you could even email us, at sales@trustedenergy.co.uk

How we can help you…

Business Energy

Energy is a commodity and much like the stock market, the price of electricity and gas is unpredictable and can fluctuate considerably, as we have seen in recent years.

Business Water

The water industry in England has been deregulated since 1 April 2017, giving the businesses the chance to tap into savings and other opportunities.

Supply Installation

We understand different or changing needs of organisations and how different businesses, suppliers, contractors and developers require different areas of help and advice.

Related Services

We know organisations have many different needs along with utilities and understand that you may have additional requirements to be fulfilled by Trusted Partners.